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Ski resorts can be found on all continents, but the majority is in Europe and North America, where you also find the best developed ski facilities and infrastructure.
Many people naturally prefer to take their holidays during the hot summer months. However, for an increasingly large number of people, by far the best time to take that all important vacation is during the winter. And for good reason, because not only are the views significantly superior during this period but there are many ways to enjoy this time of the year that can make the vacation all the more enjoyable. Here are a few ideas on how to make that winter holiday special.
One reason that winter holidaying has always been popular and is becoming increasing popular year after year is because it offers the opportunity of indulging in one of the many fantastic winter sports.

For many, of course, skiing is the most popular choice while alternatives such as snowboarding, for example, are the preferred choice of many.
Best of all, there are now so many countries that provide great facilities for enjoying some winter sporting that it is possible to take a winter holiday at almost any time of the year.

Some of the most popular winter destinations, of course, remain in
 Europe or North America.  These days many countries in Asia such as China or Japan are great places to go for a winter holiday. In addition neither Africa nor South America should be ruled out as countries such as MoroccoArgentina and Chile have some fine skiing and snowboarding resorts available.
For the novice, however, it is probably advisable to make a search of destinations to make sure you find one that offers winter sport lessons. In North America you will find that most holiday resorts have on-site lesson facilities many of which can often be included as part of a holiday package. In Europe, however, the classes tend to be of a more private nature and you may have to do some research beforehand to make sure there are lessons available wherever you are heading. Just bear in mind if you book somewhere on-line before you go you need to ensure it is going to be suitable for your particular level of experience.
In addition, it is advisable to ensure you have sufficient insurance before you go, this is especially pertinent to skiing holidays as accidents do often happen. The important thing to remember here is to check exactly what the insurance may cover as policies tend to vary from company to company. For example, some may cover you for medical expenses and legal matters, while others may be limited to the reimbursement of lost or stolen equipment only.
Suffice to say, your winter holiday doesn`t necessarily have to be limited to winter sporting. You could always search the Northern Lights on the great Aurora hunt, spend a few nights in a holiday igloo, sail the Arctic in a relaxing spa boat or climb the Iron Way in the Dolomites.
On Ski Travel Offers you can find useful information about skiing and ski resorts in most places of the world, information that can help you planning your skiing holidays.

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