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Europe has many high quality skiing and wintersports area. Most of them are concentrated in the Alps, but there are also some very good ski resorts in the Pyrenees, the Sierra Nevada and in Norway and Sweden in northern Europe.
Among the most popular European ski resorts are those found in the French Alps and in Switzerland, where you also find some of the most exclusive ski resorts in the world.

In high season it sometimes get very crowded and expensive, so try to avoid the peak season in mid February.

Austria's ski resorts are not as spectacular and glamorous as the mega-resorts found in Switzerland, but they are more cosy, less prone to mass tourism and a little cheaper.

The best skiing conditions and resorts in Italy can be found in the north of the country, in the Alpine regions, and the Dolomites in the northeast. Further south there are a few resorts, but not so many.


Germany provides several different regions for ski holidays, each of unique character. The best known region is the German Alps, but you can also go skiing in the Bavarian Forest, Black Forest, Hartz and Fichtelgebirge.

Croatia and Slovenia
 are not among the the major skiing destinations in Europe, but they are cheap and not over crowded.

Spain is usually not a destination you would think of when it comes to skiing and wintersports, but there are some very good ski resorts in the Spanish Pyrenees and in Sierra Nevada. Andorra, a tiny state in the Pyrenees, has some very good ski resorts, and as an added bonus Andorra is tax free.

Norway and Sweden are best known for cross-country skiing, but there are also some very good alpine skiing areas. Especially in January it can get very cold, and the number of hours with daylight are limited.


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